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Iraqi Al Kadesiah (also known as Al Kadesih) Sniper Rifle 7.62x54R.

Manufactured by Al Qadissiya Establishment, Republic of Iraq.

Al Kadesiah Sniper Rifle

Iraqi manufactured sniper or designated marksman rifle. Al Kadesiah (or Al Qadisiyah) was a small arms and ammunition manufacturer which had been in production since 1971 and, with the Al Yarmouk State Establishment, produced Iraq’s entire requirement for small arms ammunition with a surplus available for export. Their sniper rifle was the Al Kadesiah, named after the battle of al-Qādisiyyah in 636 C.E.

This rifle is similar to the Russian SVD but features a stamped sheet metal steel receiver. No parts are interchangable with the SVD. Photos by "Treadhead".

The Al Kadesiah in 7.62x54R is a hybrid of sorts between the Romanian PSL and Russian SVD. It is an Iraqi take on the typical Soviet-era designated marksman rifle. The receiver is stamped with English words, though this rifle was not sold to English speaking countires. Iraq, like most middle eastern countires, normally uses the Arabic alphabet.

Al Kadesiah Sniper Rifle Field Stripped

The rifle field strips like a typical SVD. The butt stock and hand guard appear to be carved hardwood and not laminated plywood which is the common SVD stock composition. This type of wood would be less expensive to make but would not be as duarable as plywood.

These rifles typically featured a Serbian manufactured Zrak 4x24 scope but a Chinese military Type JJJ scope was also used.

Al Kadesiah Drill Purpose Rifle

The Following pictures are provided by "krinkfreak" and are what happens when you (inadvertantly) fire a bullet through a Drill Purpose trainer rifle.

Al Kadesih Sniper Rifle

The rifle has a disk in the buttstock which reads, in Arabic, "training purposes only". The rifle also has a hole drilled through the barrel
which was concealed under the handguards. Note the splintered hand guard at the bottom of the photo.

Al Kadesiah Receiver

Chromed Al Kadesiah

Chrome-plated Al Kadesih with Chinese military 4x24 scope and metal storage case. Photos by "eodinert".

Chrome Al Kadesiah with Chinese scope

Chrome Al Kadesiah magazine

Chromed Al Kadesiah ten round magazine. A Romanian PSL mag is on the left.

Al Kadesiah magazine

Photo by forum user "Tanker"

Gold Al Kadesiah magazine

This gold plated Al Kadesiah mag made it on to ebay where it sold for $265.

Gold Al Kadesiah

A captured gold Al Kadesiah rifle at a press conference early in Iraq war.

Gold plated Al Kadesiah

"Al Kadesiah" stamp. Sometimes these rifles are stamped "Al Kadesih"

Gold plated Al Kadesiah in case

Golden Al Kadesiah sniper rifle in a presentation case with Serbian Zrak M76 scope inside canvas pouch.

Gold Plated Al Kadesiah Rifles

Gold plated Al Kadesiah sniper rifles were used as gifts from the Iraqi government to VIPs. Some of these were found in Libya during its uprising.

Al Kadesiah Gold Rifle

Al Kadesiah lybia

They found some gold plated Al Kadesiah rifles in Lybia

Al Kadesiah Syria

Some Al Kadesiah rifles have been used in Syria in 2012.